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Jesus meets people exactly where they are. None of the other disciples needed a sign in order to follow him, but Nathanael did.

The Bible question: Who is Nathanael disciple of Jesus ? When we look at the meaning of names Nathanael : means (God has given) The bible says he was a native

but these are: an unnamed disciple , Andrew, Simon, Philip and Nathanael . Cleopas, with an unnamed disciple of Jesus ' are walking from Jerusalem to

Nathanaël était un disciple de Jésus qui lui avait été présenté par l'apôtre Philippe; il n'apparaît que dans l'évangile selon Jean (Jn 1:43-51).

Nathanael = "gift of God" 1) an intimate disciple of Jesus Christ, he is commonly thought to be the same person as Bartholomew

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