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Sep 06 2009, 11:30am | in Women's Health www.chacha.com/question/does-the- uterus -get- hard - early -in- pregnancy %3F-can-you-tell; Does your uterus contract in

Your uterus wouldn't get hard that early on. Especially if you would only estimate a week. At this point, wait and see if you start, once you start,

When does your uterus starts to get hard ? Can your boyfriend feel your lowered uterus ? What does hard uterus in early pregnancy mean?

There are about 100 pregnancy symptoms that you may or may not If you are extremely slim, you might notice a small, hard uterus as early as week two.

28 Sep 2006 Is this normal or possible in early pregnancy , or is it my mind playing From what I remeber my uterus felt very tight and a little hard .

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