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The item debuted in 1894 when Mr. Hershey founded Hershey Chocolate Company. Semi - Sweet ShopRite Semi - Sweet Chocolat Chips 680g CHF 13.35. Cliquez ici

Delicious Hershey s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips ideal for baking You can use these for a massive range of uses we like them in cookies and brownies.

13 Nov 2008 Calories in Hershey's Semi - Sweet Chocolate Chips - Nutrition Facts, and Healthy Alternatives - The Daily Plate Calorie Counter - Calorie

Hershey's Semi - Sweet Chocolate Chips (12 oz.) ShopFoodExUSA nationwide delivery of non-perishable groceries and local delivery to Roanoke VA.

Ironically, Hershey did not launch its first Semi - Sweet Chocolate Chips until 33 1978, Hershey introduces Milk Chocolate Chips and MINICHIPS Semi - Sweet

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