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The fourth ecumenical council of the Christian Church was held at the city of Chalcedon .

THE FOURTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL . THE COUNCIL OF CHALCEDON . A.D. 451. Emperors. -- Marcian and Pulcheria (in the East). Valentinian III. (in the West).

20 Jun 2009 The Fourth Ecumenical Council took place in Chalcedon in 451 AD, and is also known as the Council of Chalcedon . It ruled that Jesus Christ

The Fourth Ecumenical Council , held in 451, from 8 October until 1 November inclusive, at Chalcedon , a city of Bithynia in Asia Minor.

As one of the Ecumenical Councils in Chalcedonian Christianity, the Council of Chalcedon is recognized as infallible in its dogmatic definitions by the

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