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30 Apr 2004 Now the mystery of the Mona Lisa is deepening. RELATED. Da Vinci Code Spurs Debate: Who Was Mary Magdalene ?

12 May 2006 Writer Lynn Picknett, a major source for Dan Brown, states that Leonardo kept the Mona Lisa "with him until his dying day." ( Mary Magdalene

Jesus and Mary Magdalene : Were they married? The Gnostic Gospels: and Mary Magdalene really were married and had a child (See “ Mona Lisa's Smirk”).

I have wondered for a long time why Leonardo Da Vinci's The Mona Lisa is such a that he was married to Mary Magdalene , that he produced a bloodline,

A Painting of Mary Magdalene , Now Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci: She is as beautifully painted and as mysterious as the Mona Lisa , but unlike the Mona

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