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How to Make Fake Blood Without Corn Syrup . If your scary Halloween costume just isn't quite complete, add some fake blood to give it just the right touch.

Because of the use of natural sugar in the corn syrup , this fake blood will not keep long. You can extend its shelf life by simply storing the blood in a

7 Feb 1998 Realistic Looking Mint Blood . 2/3 cup Corn Syrup ; 1/3 cup Water; 5 Tablespoons Corn Starch; 3 to 5 Teaspoons Red Food Coloring

You want to look like you're wounded or dead . . . but you probably don't want to smell like you're dead, (or taste rotten fake blood ). The corn syrup

However much fake blood is how much corn syrup you'll need. Pour it into a bowl and mix in some red food coloring. Add some blue if you like.

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